Learning Centre for Children (Dyslexia)


The Scottish Rite Foundations “Learning Centre for Children”​ needs your help.

Please find herein four very important documents that will explain, enlighten, and inspire you.

It has been said many times that; “The children are our future”.

How can You help make that future brighter for those in need, those children diagnosed with Dyslexia.

The Scottish Rite Foundation has embarked upon this Monumental Task; and we can help by volunteering at the Centre,or through monetary donations or by simply spreading the word.

We as Masons thrive on this sort thing. Let's get the word out to our Lodge, our Community, our Church, Synagogue, Temple, or place of worship. Let the world know that....

The Learning Centre is Here

R.W.Bro. R. Larry Hinkley
DDGM, Hamilton District A