Prostate Hope

Hamilton District A is proud to announce that the above Logo has been produced as a Lapel Pin and is available for $5.00 each with the net proceeds going to PROSTATE HOPE #2711,​in support of our Grand Master, M.W.Bro. John C. Green

Prostate Hope ­ Medical Research

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario ( ) has committed to provide long term funding of researcg for prostate cancer. Funding for prostate cancer research began as the Grand Masters 50th Anniversary Project. It has since evolved into Prostate Hope ​and is an important focus throughout the jurisdiction. Significant funding has been and will continue to be provided to carefully chosen research projects designed to improve diagnosis, better understanding the disease, and address the social impacts on families dealing with a member who has had prostate cancer treatment. This vital funding, is being provided to assist medical research that will improve treatment while striving to reach the ultimate goal of preventing prostate cancer.

As your District Deputy Grand Master I urge you and your family and friends to consider PROSTATE HOPE Project No. 2711​as a charity this year. You can donate by going to PROSTATE HOPE #2711, Or contact W.Bro. Ian Anderson at our District Masonic Foundation Chairman.

R.W.Bro. R. Larry Hinkley
District Deputy Grand Master Hamilton District A