An Open Letter to the Brethren of Hamilton Masonic District A

Brethren, We have an opportunity to ... "Help the Children of Ontario" !

As DDGM I would encourage you all to support this excellent program. The Lodges of the District are all doing their part with financial help; I am calling upon you Brethren for physical help. These clinics do not run themselves, we need your support. If you are able to volunteer a few hours of your time once or twice throughout the year it would be truly appreciated, and if you can do more, that would be wonderful.

I know you are all aware of the fine work done by the masoniCHIP program. You know the organization, you know the men involved and, you know the people that the program helps, they being the Children of Ontario. But did you know that over 50,000 "masonicCHIP KITS" have been distributed since this wonderful program began in our jurisdiction.

I now offer you the opportunity and privilege to become one of those men, to become part of this important program.

There is nothing more disturbing or disheartening then the news of a missing child. The masoniCHIP KIT provided to each family assists law enforcement agencies to bring missing children home. This can not be done without your help and support. Children are carefree, not careless. Their innocence is our responsibility. We must do our Masonic best to build and protect our community. Those children are the future of our communities. Your help is needed to provide these KITS to the families of Ontario. You and your lodge can help by forming a committee to organize a masonicCHIP Clinic in your area, or volunteer as a group to either run or assist in the running of a clinic.( No experience required) More information is readily available on the masonicCHIP website at there you will find the statistics, currently scheduled clinics, F.A.Q’s. etc.

It is the physical help that is really needed, but any donation that you can make would be gratefully received. Each donation, regardless of the amount, in dollars or time, is a step closer to "Helping the Children of Ontario"

For more information about upcoming clinics or events please contact the Hamilton District ‘A’ MasoniCh.I.P Chairman Bro. Doug Hare - 905-825-0755 (

I hope to see many of you at future clinics throughout the district.

R. W. Bro. Larry Hinkley, DDGM

Go to for all the CHIP news and views, schedules, clinic information, etc. When donating to this worthy cause, please include Project No. 2711on your cheque