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District Deputy Grand Master & District Secretary

Hamilton District A


First and foremost, I cannot say often enough how humbled and honoured I am to represent you, the Brethren of Hamilton District 'A', as your DDGM for 2018-19.  I am just overwhelmed to be in this position, it seems absolutely surreal.  This is not a position which I ever expected to attain.  I approach this position with excitement, but also a bit of trepidation.  I must say that those who have gone before me have set the bar very high, but I will do my best.  I especially wish to thank the Brethren of The Barton Lodge for allowing me to be their candidate for this office.  I also wish to thank you, the Brethren of District 'A', for the many words of encouragement you have offered.  Before proceeding further, allow me to thank my District Secretary, W. Bro. Norman Staryk, who has been an unbelievable assistance in preparing for this year.

I am looking forward to a busy, exciting and fun year.  I hope we will all enjoy the year.  My hope is that the Brethren will be excited to attend other lodge's Installations and Official Visits.  Visiting is such an enjoyable thing if you give it a chance.  I do not wish you to view the official visit as an "examination".  Rather, I would like it to be viewed as a homecoming, a chance to receive visitors and make them comfortable.  Much like guests in your own home.  Masonry, in every aspect, needs to be enjoyable.  Don't allow it to become a "job".

The District A charity for 2018-19 will be March of Dimes.  I feel this is an organization that has somehow fallen below the radar on the charity scale.  But more importantly I selected them because I have observed how they run their many programs, such as the Life Skills program.  It is wonderful what the instructors do for these young people who suffer various difficulties due to accident, medical situations, even emotional and social difficulties.  They provide life skills, a social environment and communal situation for these young people.  And here is what really impressed me, they certainly are not doing this for the money ....... they do it from their hearts!

W. Bro. Vladimir Khayutin has kindly consented to continue as the Food Drive Chairman.  This, the food drive, is something well worth continuing.  It is easy for you, the brethren, to do, it serves a very worthy cause, and it reflects well on Masonry. 

One of the topics I hope to touch on in my addresses is solicitation of members.  We can not be too secretive or shall I say apprehensive in discussing Masonry with interested parties.  I realize we are not to solicit members but let us not miss out on a prospective member simply because "he did not know how to ask".  On the other hand, and this I believe is extremely important, we must talk to the prospective member first.  It is important that he know what he is getting into.  We don't tell our secrets or our ritual, but we must give him some idea what we do at our meetings.  If ritual is what you enjoy, tell him about that.  If the friendship and bonding is what you like, tell him about that.  If the virtues of being a Mason are what you like, tell him about that.  There is much you can say without giving away anything confidential.  But I repeat and stress, it is so important that you talk to the prospective candidate.  So often I have been frustrated upon meeting a brother who tells the story of "I just mentioned it to a fellow at work and after lunch he handed me an application".  Then it finishes with "well I haven't been out to Lodge in twenty years".  This type of solicitation is not good, all this does is create a man whose ego is magnified; "they really wanted me".  But as time wears on and the euphoria is gone he realizes this isn't what he was searching for.  We must talk to the prospective candidate.  Remember, it is not the quantity of men we desire in Masonry, it is the quality of the man.  One man who embraces Masonry is worth four men who fall by the wayside.

May 2018-19 be an enjoyable year for all of us.  Best wishes to you and your families

Ian Anderson

DDGM Hamilton District A


District Deputy Grand Master

R. W. Bro. Ian Anderson

District Secretary

W. Bro.  Norman Staryk